3.5 Months To $1,169,085.10 In Gross Profit

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From the initial launch of my new strategies on June 18th, 2015, it’s been a wild ride. How on earth am I going to hit the targets my client set before me?

There were a few sleepless nights, maybe more than a few, but the results that hit at the end of August was beyond what I expected. We generated $1,169,085.10 in gross profit.

In my first full month – which was May, the monthly gross profit was $175,370. My job for this client is to generate leads that are highly targeted and most importantly, that CONVERT.

Easy right? A few marketing funnels, a few Facebook ads and voila. Eh!

I did an overhaul of the entire marketing strategy which included the following actions to name a few:

  • Rebranded the company
  • Redevelopment of the website
  • Elimination of useless systems
  • Improvements to the existing sales presentation (help with conversions)
  • Develop a dynamic Conversion Funnel
  • 3-D Facebook Ad Strategy
  • Sales Copy
  • Email sequence copy
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Beginning stages of a video marketing strategy
  • Some SEO – though not the focus
  • Content Development – still a long way to go on that

And honestly there is more, but these were some of the major actions that my strategy entailed. The bulk of my focus was building a high-converting marketing funnel to follow a kick-ass Facebook 3-D Advertising strategy.

How To Create Fast Returns?

This is the question that I get a lot and it’s really not that complicated of an answer. To put it plainly, which will bore most of you because it seems inauthentic, you simply have to go where your audience is. Isn’t the job of a marketer, advertising manager (or whatever role you play in bringing clients to the table), to get eyeballs and attention on the business? As a business owner, isn’t that what you’re really paying for?

I see so many marketers and marketing companies using strategies that don’t yield speedy returns on their client’s investment. That’s a really unfortunate position to run your business from. Time is the asset we cannot control and therefore it needs to be leveraged with the most care.

At the end of the day, your job – whether as a marketer or the business owner/operator – is to drive in more sales, increase the attention to the brand and all-in-all, boost revenue.

What I Did To Create A Million Dollar Month

Here is the run down of my exact plan that launched us into a million dollars in gross profit per month – by the way, my client only offers one single service, no upsells, no intro offers, just one. Here are the areas for action:

  1. Get your assets up-to-date. That includes website, social media properties, anything that brands the company. Do your best to create consistency everywhere.
  2. Strategy, this is beyond important. Don’t toss some cash at an advertisement unless you have a plan of where the traffic will go, what they should achieve and the return path to engage them with the business over time.
  3. Work backwards, what is the Core Offer? For this client, we offer virtual assistant services to real estate agents – pretty niche and highly targeted. However, our main offer was simply to get them on a consultation call with a live sales rep.
  4. Lead generation requires an introduction to the audience you’re marketing to. I decided to offer some real estate checklists as a free download – lead magnet – that we gave away in exchange for a lead’s email address.
  5. Buildout – design the lead magnet, build the landing pages, thank you pages and sales pages for the core offer.
  6. Funnel development is the guts of the campaign. Want to know why we succeeded? We give such incredible value throughout our funnel that it was a logical move for the lead to bite on our calls-to-action. Notice I mentioned that we created incredible value, we haven’t sold anything to this point, but we provided value. These are some snap shots of a few funnels we use:
  7. Follow-up was critical and 80% automated. This business model has sales team members that call prospects, but our funnel had an incredible follow-up path and we really engaged with them.
  8. Social Media is necessary to keep engagement with leads, nurture them by way of simply being a “friend” and showing interests other than selling them. Again, this goes back to providing value.

Those are the main things I did that boosted the gross profit (revenue minus acquisition costs) from $175,370 to $1,169,085.10 in three and a half months.


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An entrepreneur turned yogi turned life hacker, Joe Rare shares business tactics with yogic philosophy and teaches how to cut the learning curve and hack the path to results in all areas of your life.


3.5 Months To $1,169,085.10 In Gross Profit

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