3 Strategies To Boost Business

If you were to take a serious look at your business right now, what would you see? I don’t mean from your point of view, I mean from your client’s vantage point?
What matters is the context with which your existing clients, your prospects and your past clients see in your company positioning.
In the goal of keeping this short-ish (that’s a technical term), here are three strategies that will boost your business revenues for the long haul. Implement them correctly and you can create long term, sustained and the most advantageous part of all…predictable cash flow.
However, if you take your chances and don’t utilize these strategies, you may end up like Blockbuster did. Remember that company that was the leader in video rentals? Yeah, they sat back and looked at Netflix who was positioning themselves right and said, “nah, we don’t need to buy them for $40M.”
Anyone visit a Blockbuster lately? Exactly, they’re extinct. Don’t do the same. Just because you may not understand or agree with how the strategies below are implemented, doesn’t mean that your clients don’t. In fact, I would bet heavily that they are all over this, so you should be too.
Here we go:
Be Relevant What I mean is that your business needs to represent the era that you’re doing business in. Today happens to be 2014, if you’re website is a not: up-to-date, performing at optimum levels, using the high-level technology that is available, functional for your visitors, socially integrated and designed specifically to capture leads, prospects and sales…. Then you’re 100% irrelevant. That is a sad truth, but today you get 8.4 seconds to “WOW” your visitor on your website and if they don’t “feel it,” they won’t come back. Again, this doesn’t matter what type of business you operate, statistics show that over 87% of all people will cross-reference your business by searching you in google. What shows up can make or break you….be sure it’s the making the future you want.   Give A Crap I know that’s blunt right? But there is nothing easier to generate new business, repeat sales and build amazing relationships with your clients than genuinely caring about them. Think of this, how many businesses do you buy from that actually give a crap about you? I mean seriously give a flying hoot how your life is going, not just sending you a coupon? We open our emails and it’s all soliciting their stuff. “Come to this, buy this, we’re having a sale, stop by….” on and on, every single day. BUT…how many companies are actually giving you something of value that you can use? Very few I would imagine and I hope that my message offers you some. My point is; get real, get raw and give your heart and soul to your peeps and they will love you now and forever. When they do, that means dollars will flow your way for a very long time.  Ask For Help When You Need It The truth is, you won’t know everything or even 1/100th of what is available to you that can be used to connect with your clients. There are too many options, the game changes too often, so find resources of those who are good at it and ask for help. Remember I mentioned that you may not agree or understand a specific platform or strategy, but your clients do? Understand your target market and where they spend their time. An example is businesses that are not properly using Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. You may not understand or like the platforms, but the fact is, almost a billion people use Facebook. Guess what? You want new clients? I know exactly where they are. By asking for help, you can learn how to engage with your ideal client on their terms, in their comfort zone and in their language. Talk about making sales easier, it’s a no-brainer.
The above strategies are explained in a very broad manner to hopefully help many and because I love to create value, I’m offering to help you further understand, implement and create a plan to get you to that consistent and predictable cash flow.
Comment below or connect with me on Facebook (click here) or Twitter (click here) and ask any questions you may have. Your business is in your hands, so feel free to maximize it.

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