(and he’s really good at marketing)

Joe has been an inquiring business mind for as long as he can remember. The most vivid moment was on an RV trip from California to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with his father and two younger siblings.

It must have been near the end of high school or so because he spent most of the first leg of the trip reading Rich Dad Poor Dad.

That book would transcend him into a world of entrepreneurship and business building that would consume his professional life from then on.

Even college was disinteresting to Joe, walking on and making the basketball team at a Division 1 school wouldn’t take his mind off of business. And it wouldn’t be long until he launched his first venture in the world of marketing.

He was only 22 when he launched his first company and sold it only two and a half years later. It was off to the races after that.

Below is a chronological breakdown of some of his business accomplishments.

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