Hi, I'm Joe... this is my story.

Family is the most important thing in life. It is my 3 girls that give me the insatiable drive to do and be more every single day. I am forever grateful for my family. #FamilyAboveAll

I have had an inquiring business mind for as long as I can remember. I always knew that I was going to be an entrepreneur. There was something about creating businesses and doing it for myself rather than someone else that felt right.

Distinctly I remember a family RV trip from California to Manitoba, Canada.

It must have been near the end of high school or so and I spent most of the first leg of the trip reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book would transcend me into a world of entrepreneurship and business building that would consume my mind from then on.

Even college was disinteresting, I walked on and made the basketball team at a Division 1 school but it didn't take my mind off of business. It wasn't long before I launched my first venture in the world of direct sales and marketing.

At 22 years old I launched my first company and sold it only two and a half years later. It was off to the races after that.

I am a son of opposing professional households, my mom was and still is a server in my small hometown at a local restaurant where I would walk to after school each day.

One of my fathers was a local Rio Vista, CA Police Officer, so if you can imagine this small farm town boy couldn’t get away with much without dad knowing about it.

My other father was a struggling entrepreneur always striving to make something work, though, he never really found consistent success.

I was an athlete from the age of 6 or 7, baseball, swimming, football, basketball, basically anything with competition and you’d find me there. In high school, I played four sports a year, at least. Usually football, basketball, baseball and track.

But, it was the entrepreneurial bug that would begin haunting my dreams and nudging me to start businesses at a young age.

So, I listened to it.


I entered the wedding industry by joining up with the Forest House Lodge and running their digital marketing.

I knew the industry was ripe for some great sales and marketing systems and implementing automation into the businesses.

“It was a complete shock at first to see that almost no one in the industry knew of or was using marketing automation and return-path strategies. I mean these are what we’ve been doing in most other markets for nearly a decade."

“I guess I better become the industry leader.“

And that’s exactly what I did. I helped turn the Forest House Lodge from a "successful venue" to becoming one of the premier wedding venues in Northern California and ultimately created a movement in how venues run their marketing and sales.

By leveraging strategies that no other competitor is using, I attracted new leads on demand for the venue, created a sales system that only delivered “ready and qualified” couples to engage with the sales team and the result was an ROI of over 26,000%.

Now, I've taken this incredible model and transformed the industry. Wedding Booking System has now become the #1 Marketing & Sales system in the wedding industry.

With a passion for building businesses it’s easy to get distracted, but often times the distractions are huge opportunities. You merely have to be able to evaluate and act quickly.


Distractions can be a blessing when you navigate them correctly. I have been using an outsourced team for over a decade and every day people have asked if I could help them do the same.

Enough of the requests, I built Level9Virtual to fill this need. We now have a 7-Figure company serving clients all around the world with our incredible team of outsourced Virtual Assistants.

The distraction paid off and it's helped my other businesses grow as well, created more opportunities, and now we are able to further help business owners grow and succeed.