Business Is Not Built The Same


A fact remains that businesses are no longer built the same as they once were. My parents have thought I was crazy for living as a nomad and owning a company that I didn’t actually operate. What? How could that be? It doesn’t even make sense to most of the baby boomers who are now trying to retire and get out of the rat race they have spent their adult life in.

A company doesn’t have to be built in the same way it once was. We all have heard of the companies built by young college students and have turned into multi-billion dollar corporations that change the world. Those stories are so common, most of us all know quite a few of them.

Though, do we hear as much about the small businesses that don’t stir the attention and simply operate on scalesthat are foreign to most people?  I have run my companies from the top of a mountain and from the beach, the freedom to choose is what I love. What I mean is, take my business as an example, it operates itself with or without me. My level of involvement is predicated on my desire to be present and involved at any given moment.

Product is manufactured by my lab, it is shipped to my fulfillment center, when a customer orders a product online, a shipping coordinator packs and ships the product to the customer directly and the payment for the merchandise collected on my website is deposited directly into my bank account. All of the costs associated with these services are paid via a credit card on file and I rarely need to call or contact any of the vendors I use.

How’s that for hands-off? The question I get from most people is “how on earth did you learn to build that?” Great question and I will say this, it was harder than I anticipated, however, that was due to the fact that all of the people teaching the information before me, they left A LOT of it out. For example, a book I dissected and used called, The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss was a great model. When I got started building my business though, I came to find that there was enormous amounts of hurdles not mentioned or considered in the book. I even got involved in 4HWW clubs and meet-ups full of entrepreneurs attempting to use the techniques in the book to build a business. I would estimate that less than 2% of everyone involved actually launched one.

What made me or my projects different? I understood one of the most difficult components of building any business, whether on the internet or brick and mortar. That is the selection of a product to sell. Most want to start a business and get out of the rat race, but very few have any idea what product to offer and they spin their wheels forever, without gaining traction or getting any results.

My skillset that helped me was my ability to choose products that had a market and then source manufacturing and distribution. It is much easier to sell a product that is desired by the market than sell a product that you like, but the market isn’t spending money on.

I have been coaching others during their start ups and helped others reorganize their companies for better structure, for a number of years. For the first time, I am building my base for information to help others do what I continue to do. That is build internet-based businesses that throw off cash flow each and every day. That allow you to relocate, to quit your rat race type job, spend more time with your family, travel if you desire or get involved in the things you hold deeper passion for.


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