The answer is quite simple and comes with some major upside. Check out the video below for my full explanation. I’m THE Wedding Marketer.
What that means is the culture is completely built from the top down. I am the one who sets the tone, allows the culture to exist as it does or change it as needed. This new team has created an incredible improvement in productivity and our output has exploded. Watch out, we’re taking over.
I want to help you understand the value of the platforms and more importantly, how to use them to create value in your business. Watch as I share the tactics and strategies that are working right now.
Knowing precisely what is coming down the pipeline, what our cash flow will look like and how to leverage my own marketing efforts is far easier with more visibility… That’s the power of marketing and sales automation.
Being Veterans, they were a perfect fit for Zero Hour Media and our marketing services. In this episode, we head down to Lodi, CA to meet up with two and check out the projects they’re working on, get some footage and see how their business operates. It was a great day, great footage and always great to spend some time ...
We built the company to service Veteran-owned Businesses and help empower them and their business growth. Through this channel, we’ve been able to create some dynamic partnerships and experiences. Speaking at Facebook and mentoring some of the entrepreneurs has been one of them. It was a very long day, but beyond exciting and full of great relationships and opportunities.
Well, after getting beat up pretty big on a proposal with a pitch we made to a large organization with a highly accomplished board of directors, it was time to make that improvement. We took over two days and at least 18 hours to deep dive, research, position and formulate a far more in-depth proposal than what we had previously ...
We launched and we’re up and running. Zero Hour Media is our new agency servicing Veteran-owned Businesses with all things digital marketing, focusing on advertising and marketing automation/CRM strategies and implementation. The response has been incredible and our incredible support has created the most infectious growth for our new launch.
Building a business requires patience that is similar to that of parenting. Well, isn’t it sort of the same thing? You nurture and care for your business, you feed it, you help it grow. There are ups and downs in that growth, sometimes it involves not growing and sitting stagnant for a time and then recalibrating and finding the next ...
Decisions are made around data every day and if you don’t understand it or watch it, you’re going to have a really difficult time being an entrepreneur. Data matters… engage it.