As your company’s Virtual or what’s known as a Contract CMO, I work with you directly on your marketing strategy, implementation plans, and I see the execution of these plans through – to success. It’s like having a high-profile marketing expert working inside your business, without having to hire one internally.

You get expert-level knowledge and skills, a successful business builder’s acumen, and the attention to detail you’d expect from an Executive Partner, without the gigantic overhead. It’s a smart “hire” for your business.

Additionally, an incredible aspect of this option for you and your business is, I bring my own team to the implementation table. I start by gaining clarity and setting goals and expectations around what is important for your company, why it’s important, and how to get there. As the plan is approved, my team and I get to work to create, build, develop, and deliver the results you need in your business.


  • 1 Apply to work with me as your Virtual/Contract CMO, we need to be sure we're a good fit for one another
  • 2 Onboard with initial strategy sessions either in-person or virtual (TBD)
  • 3 Create, build, develop and begin implementation of our approved marketing plans
  • 4 Ongoing Improvement, reporting, optimization and future-pace for next steps in reaching company goals