Employee-Less Businesses

How on earth could a business operate in 19 countries, distribute products to 28 retailers in the U.S. and distribute direct to the consumer without a single employee? Some say I’m nuts, I just shake my head and say, “most likely, but it makes money.”

Hire Or Outsource Directions On A Signpost

Let’s face it, employees are expensive in so many ways. From taxes and unemployment to worker’s compensation and now rises in health insurance costs, a business free of employees is a cash flow hack in and of itself.

Keyword here is going to be outsourcing. When a lot of people hear that word, they automatically think of utilizing overseas workers. While that is definitely possible to do and significantly less expensive, I am speaking particularly about hiring contract workers for each facet of your business operations. Do you really need your own bookkeeper that works within your company or can you find an independent one? Do you need a warehouse and shipping/fulfillment team in your company? How about administrative help, do you need to employ someone to sit in the front of your building and answer phones, file paperwork and make coffee?

To most of these questions, I challenge and guarantee you that there are alternative, less expensive and employee-less options. I love the idea

of creating jobs in the United States, especially when our economy is so poor, however, if you outsource to fulfillment centers to warehouse, pack and ship your goods, they can increase employment as more and more of us “life hackers” use their services. There is an unlimited supply of individuals who do bookkeeping, administrative work and more from their home or office and do so on a contract basis.

There are massive financial benefits to utilizing outside resources for administrative, legal, warehousing and even marketing. That fact remains that you will have a difficult time finding great individuals to fill each of these roles in your company. You may even hire and fire a few in search for the right person. That can get expensive and time wasteful.

Rather, you can find quality workers at great rates that are backed by social media and reviews, yet they work for themselves and are more interested in building their own business, therefore they will care much more about your tasks. We have all either been or seen employees who punch the clock. They can easily give more effort, but why would they, the only reason they are there is for the paycheck. A business owner cares about the reputation of their business, they work hard to establish relationships with clients (you) and they will often go to battle to ensure you’re satisfied. That is a huge win for you and your business.

Putting people to work is important, it doesn’t really matter as much whether they are working for themselves or holding an employed position. By outsourcing your labor, you are in effect, creating jobs and helping the economy.

What can you outsource?

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