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The fact remains that when I ask new clients this question, “does your company have a purpose?” Or “what is the purpose of your business?” The answer I get starts very silently, then into a “hmmm…” which is sometimes followed by a stutter and a soft mission statement, but what nearly never is offered is an answer that makes their business stand out.

PurposeWe have all heard of mission statements and in our social atmosphere someone asks, “what do you do?”

So, what do you do? How do you explain the purpose of your company? This actually was very difficult to me for a long time and it literally kept me up at night pondering what my answer should be. At the time I owned (still do) a weight loss company, actually to clarify accurately:

I own an automated internet-based business, with zero employees, which sells health products internationally. My company assists clients in losing weight, improving biochemical balance and creating more wealth in their health. I built the business system and now the company operates on its own.

What is the purpose of my business? This particular company assists clients in losing weight, improving biochemical balance, creating more wealth in their health, while operating on autopilot, generating income without my physical presence.

What used to be said was, “my company changes the lives of my clients, helping them improve their health and well being.” That tended to be a little airy-fairy and honestly, no one cared about that. When I got deeper and really explained my business purpose with more clarity, it was more interesting to potential clients, socially it was much more entertaining and what’s interesting is that sales from conversations grew. I could be at a training and I would give my purpose and a few weeks or a month later, I would get an order from someone new. When new clients order, my outsourced staff often contacts them to find out how they heard of us and to thank them. I came to find that many conversations simply turned into referrals because it was a memorable business.

A lot of entrepreneurs spend time networking, maybe through their local chamber of commerce, networking groups, etc. When given the floor to explain your business, how passionate are you? Think about the opportunity you have, you get to pitch how amazing your company’s purpose is, to a group, individual, both and they can either remember you or forget you.

I’m not here to teach you how to network, but I am telling you that you need to know your purpose. And that goes for you as an individual and a company.

Here is my purpose for this company, Joe Rare, LLC.

This is a pay-it-forward business for me, with which I have the opportunity to give back the experience and knowledge that I have accumulated through the development and growth of successful business systems. I offer consulting for existing companies to implement new strategies and effectively execute more efficient systems to increase profits, scale and enhance growth.


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