Market Where People Already Are | Rare Vlog 003

Spend your marketing dollars where people already are. Most small businesses are under the illusion they should just market the same way their competitors do, outdated and ineffective ways.

It’s time to get into 2017 and market the same way you act. Wondering what that means?

Have you ever noticed how you put on your “marketing mask” and act one way, invest your marketing dollars into strategies that don’t align with how you truly participate in the world. Let me give you an example:

Maybe you’re a business owner that sells to other businesses. You’re in the B2B space and you think that business owners and executives are not on Facebook™, yet, when you have down time you log right into Facebook™ and surf around.

Now why aren’t you marketing the same way you know you act and your target audience acts? It’s time to start and get the results that your business deserves.

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