When Your Site Sucks…So Do Your Sales

I have been working with my online companies for a while now, long enough to know that when I put up crap, it

doesn’t produce sales. And that my friends, is a fact.


I had a new client reach out to me today, named anonymous, but definitely received permission to tell her story. She wanted me to take a look at her website that was going to revolutionize her market. She is planning to be the biggest and baddest with the most amazing product ever. Her product is actually damn good by the way and in the near future she will be able to tell you about it personally.

I asked if I could see her site and evaluate the delivery her customers would see as they showed interest in her brand. I hit the website and couldn’t understand what it was all about. The design was “cute” to a slight degree, I mean I get what she was going for, however, the website looked like an amateur built it. I would never, under any circumstance trust putting my credit card in it to buy anything. You know that look right, it’s got a weird, non-relevant background image, some random “authority” figure standing there trying to make you feel good, but you know it’s a stock photo, so the “feel good” part doesn’t work. It has the “powered by godaddy” link at the bottom, meaning it was a free site builder and therefore, you get what you pay for.

The site made you feel like it was just a cheap, crappy company that would offer you a similar product, cheap and crappy. I told her about my analysis and we went to work.

I don’t want you to get me wrong, I’m not telling anyone to spend a bunch of money on web development. That isnot at all what I am saying. In fact, the reason I am a business consultant today is partly due to the fact that I lost tens of thousands of dollars on expensive-ineffective website development. You can generate massive value and revenues with very inexpensively developed websites, the positioning and packaging of what you’re selling is what matters.

Let me make sure you’re wrapping your head around this concept, because this is the key here. How you position and package your product determines your success and income level.

My client has a fantastic product that really will create a lot of value for her niche, but it was packaged and positioned in a manner that it would never be seen as valuable. Does that make sense? Take a look at your business and do an overview, how do you stand up against your competition? Do you look relevant? Are you packaging your product or service to meet the engagement needed to reach your goals? Is your position within your industry as an amateur that gets random traffic or are you positioned as a leader who has a voice and presence and your competition knows who you are?

Take a scan and address your business, if you want help, let me know. As my homepage sign up form mentions, I am looking to help a few of you evaluate your companies and find tweaks that can generate more traffic and income. Let me know if you have any questions, comment below.

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