We built the company to service Veteran-owned Businesses and help empower them and their business growth. Through this channel, we’ve been able to create some dynamic partnerships and experiences. Speaking at Facebook and mentoring some of the entrepreneurs has been one of them. It was a very long day, but beyond exciting and full of great relationships and opportunities.
It’s the best advertising medium available and I know I keep pushing it, but trust me, it’s going to make an impact for you.
Video marketing is the game right now. Especially on Facebook and with Facebook Ads. Nothing is performing as well, creating the brand positioning and helping sales grow the way video is. I visited my optometrist to get my eyes checked out and order some new contacts and as we’re in the exam, Dr. O says he’s been seeing my videos ...
All relevant questions, but far less valuable than looking at the facts. Watch this video to check out how we handle the changes. Focused on positivity and solutions, we studied the changes and determined the magnitude or lack thereof of these algorithm shifts.