We Went For It…And Got It!

When I was a kid, actually more in my teens now that I think about it, I had enormous dreams. Not dreams of playing sports at a professional level, those were sort of realized as not exactly in the cards. Don’t get me wrong, I was an athlete and I had the opportunity to compete at the highest level of collegiate sports in the NCAA, but I was not pro caliber by any means.

When I say I had the opportunity to compete, I mean that I was a walk-on basketball player who made the team at the Division 1 level, but rode the pine for two years. As big as I dream, I am not opposed to living in my own reality.

My dreams were of being an entrepreneur and of growing wealth. I started young, worked hard and killed it. Then lost it, then killed it again becoming a millionaire by the age of 25, whelp…lost it again by 27 and that was a rough one. The dream was still there, it had mutated a bit and remained deep in my gut ready to explode.

One afternoon, I decided, “Fuck it, let’s actually do this.” I was talking to my buddy who I kicked ideas around with on a daily and almost hourly basis. Our new idea, let’s build a business that doesn’t require us to be in the country, that doesn’t require us to look at it or be present at all. We were talking about automation.

First off, is that even possible? Hell yes, check my past post on automation and see the details there. What I’m more interested in telling you about today is the mindset that shifted us from “idea” to “execution” and more importantly, to “cash flow.” You see in business, the only thing that really matters is cash. You can do amazing things for the planet, you can create massive value for your clients, but at the end of the day if it doesn’t turn into cash in your pocket, the you’re just a random Jgo for it-saidaonlineoe (insert pun) doing good deeds. That isn’t a business, that’s a hobby. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I honor hobbies that are strong in values and improve the lives of others and the planet, but we’re talking about business.

We literally said, “Fuck it, I’m sick of talking about this potentially amazing lifestyle we could live, it’s time to flat out do it.” Drawing that line in the sand, was the shift. We obsessed over this idea, we read books, we went to seminars, we joined organizations and shit, I even learned to write code.

We were all in and guess what happened, that’s right, a few months later we had our first sale and we were no where near the business. In fact, the business was virtual. The word decision literally means “to cut off from,” which remits any option to turn back.

How many times do you make a decision, yet don’t stick to it? For most people, that needs to be counted in the number of times per day, not lifetime. But…when you make a real decision, you feel it in your body, your mind and energy move into action and you become nearly obsessed.

I’m sitting here at 1:17am writing this because I am obsessed with my businesses. I love what I do, I love my automated companies that don’t require me at all, I love this consulting company and helping you all make more money. Each bring me so much energy and I hope you feel it.

I just wanted to share that little insight with you, maybe it’s worth 1/2 a penny, maybe not. All in all, our day dreams become our reality when we decide and act.

What are you dreaming about?

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