What Do You Actually Do?

You may think you’re a “Wedding Venue or Vendor” and you do this or that craft, servicing couples at their wedding, however, there’s a second side to your business that you’re ignoring.

I know you’re ignoring it because you have open dates on your calendar.

What is this other side of your business? It’s not sexy, it’s not what you will love to do, but it’s more important than almost anything else. In fact, being the best “photographer, DJ, florist, chef, coordinator, etc.” is completely useless without this.

You are a salesperson. That is your number one duty in your business. If you skip this or ignore it, you will suffer the consequence of not enough income.

I explain the details in this video, make sure you turn on the sound in the top right corner:

Okay, are you ready to put some attention towards your sales and marketing? Let’s get you setup with a Complimentary Strategy Session and I can help you assess the best actions forward to give you the most advantages in your market.

What Do You Actually Do? | #WeddingBookingSystem 003

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