Why I’m Keen On Facebook

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Let’s face it, unless you’re living under a rock, the chances are pretty damn good that you’re on Facebook. The social platform has more users than some of the most populated countries and more active daily users than you can fathom. So what, right? Well, not exactly if you’re a business. Guess where your clients are? Yep, they are reading … Read More

Do You Know This About Your Business?

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What is main reason that the statistics are against you when starting a business? You’ve heard those right? Nine out of 10 businesses will fail in the first year and another nine out of 10 in the following five years. I bet that just makes you so excited to start one right? You may be thinking or rethinking your decision … Read More

We Went For It…And Got It!

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When I was a kid, actually more in my teens now that I think about it, I had enormous dreams. Not dreams of playing sports at a professional level, those were sort of realized as not exactly in the cards. Don’t get me wrong, I was an athlete and I had the opportunity to compete at the highest level of … Read More

Purpose | Does Your Business Have One?

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The fact remains that when I ask new clients this question, “does your company have a purpose?” Or “what is the purpose of your business?” The answer I get starts very silently, then into a “hmmm…” which is sometimes followed by a stutter and a soft mission statement, but what nearly never is offered is an answer that makes their … Read More

Hire A Coach – I Did

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Why Coaching Works Infographic

In the midst of not knowing the hell I was doing, I started a business while in my last year of college. I basically landed some amazing marketing contracts for some products with some major big-time companies and I decided I should try to make it a real thing. My education was in health and kinesiology, my original plan was … Read More

Employee-Less Businesses

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Hire Or Outsource Directions On A Signpost

How on earth could a business operate in 19 countries, distribute products to 28 retailers in the U.S. and distribute direct to the consumer without a single employee? Some say I’m nuts, I just shake my head and say, “most likely, but it makes money.” Let’s face it, employees are expensive in so many ways. From taxes and unemployment to … Read More

Business Is Not Built The Same

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A fact remains that businesses are no longer built the same as they once were. My parents have thought I was crazy for living as a nomad and owning a company that I didn’t actually operate. What? How could that be? It doesn’t even make sense to most of the baby boomers who are now trying to retire and get … Read More