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Services Offered To Improve Your Revenues

Marketing Strategies

It is louder than ever and getting your message to your ideal client can feel daunting. Using the strategies that your competitors are not will give you an edge in your marketplace.


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Web Presence Positioning

A properly positioned web presence is crucial in today’s business world. With an effective presence online, your advertising and marketing dollars can be stretched much further, increasing your company’s bottom line.


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Evaluation of business systems ensuring for a strategic approach to growth. Optimization and innovation in the systems of a company are the forces that drive growth and profitability.


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Cash Flow Strategy

Cash flow is the name of the game in business. Knowing the numbers that make up your business inside and out will lead to either growth or decline and proper cash flow positioning can create better health and longevity in your business.


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What A Few Clients Are Saying…

“I am not a numbers girl by any means. Thankfully Joe was able to help direct me to understanding how important the numbers of my business are. I had no idea what I was paying to acquire new clients, nor what their lifetime value would be to my business. After some simple strategies and creating a better backend system, I have improved my bottom line (numbers term) by 91% in just 68 days.”

Erin Benton
B Squared Blankets

“As a distribution company that is dependent upon my client’s businesses doing well, it is imperative that we have a strong foundation and growing client base. With the economy slow, our business was suffering. Joe helped us develop a very strong system that we have now implemented into¬†our client’s businesses and everyone’s revenues have improved. We are officially paying it forward, while paying ourselves.”

Bill Hemming
NR1 Distribution, LLC.

“We suffered with reaching our customers effectively because our online presence was lacking. We had a website, but clicking on pages of the menu would result in broken links and therefore we would miss out on many potential customers. Joe Rare helped us with redeveloping our site, even helping us with the ability to take orders online. Our acquisition of new customers has been fantastic and the next step for us is marketing with Joe.”

Babita Dhillon
Taste Of India Restaurant

“My small business is so small that it’s literally just me. I initially thought that Joe would be too much for my little company to handle, but my results have changed my family’s life. We were one of the stories of getting laid off and needing to make money. While our little business was doing okay, it was getting us by, now it has exploded and we are doing more in sales than I even knew was possible. Joe, you have no idea how grateful I am, I appreciate your guidance and friendship.”

Tarah Stevens
Grow Your Mind, Inc.