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Meet Joe Rare

I’m Joe Rare and over the past 7 years I have spent my professional life building businesses that have two purposes; generating cash flow and yielding to automation. My businesses have allowed me to travel and live in many parts of the world, experience life without the constraint of a “job” or financial concern. As with any successful endeavor, when it works what do you do? Yep, you replicate it and that is exactly what I have done over and over with my business models. I have had the fortune to have built 4 different million dollar businesses that are 100% automated and run themselves. Now, it’s time to share the “How I Did It” with you. The Business Blueprint Training has helped my clients and students generate an excess of $22 million dollars in revenue in just 16 months. Are you next?

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The Business Blueprint Training

What started as an eBook document to create a guideline base for my clients has evolved into a training program specifically designed to build and launch a business inside 60 days. The purpose of generating cash flow or an additional revenue source is important in today’s rapidly changing economy. Rather than participating in the doom and gloom of the economic conditions around us, we focus and coach you to build your own economic position. Your business will be designed to create freedom for you and your family. The principles and strategies we implement will allow you to replicate your revenue stream in any economic condition.

Local Video Marketing (Ranking & SEO)

Have you ever seen a video get ranked on the first page of Google in less than 5 minutes? We have and we do nearly everyday. Ranking videos is much different than it has ever been before and the power of video marketing is more effective than ever before. It’s time to get in “the now” and be present with the strategies that are creating success for so many other businesses in your area. Local video marketing is powerful and it sets you apart from your competition. Allow us to guide you to more more clients, more business and more revenues today!


Strategic Marketing Solutions

Marketing strategies are the key factor in what creates a profitable small business versus a closed small business. There is no other investment that you can make, that can offer the geometric returns on your money, than strategic marketing. It is very typical to see returns of 200%, very often returns of 500% and not uncommon to see returns of 1,000% through effective marketing solutions.

Most businesses fail to realize the potential they have due to lack of marketing expertise and that’s where we come in. Through years of online and offline positioning, we have used these highly effective strategies in our own businesses and with our clients. There is essentially only 3 ways to grow a business; you can increase the number of new clients, increase the dollar amount each client spends with you or increase the number of times that client will return. Our focus is on geometric growth by increasing each of these three key factors. Join us to see how we can further improve your business’ market position, engagement and growth.

What A Few Clients Are Saying…

"I am not a numbers girl by any means. Thankfully Joe was able to help direct me to understanding how important the numbers of my business are. I had no idea what I was paying to acquire new clients, nor what their lifetime value would be to my business. After some simple strategies and creating a better backend system, I have improved my bottom line (numbers term) by 91% in just 68 days."

Erin Benton
B Squared Blankets

"As a distribution company that is dependent upon my client’s businesses doing well, it is imperative that we have a strong foundation and growing client base. With the economy slow, our business was suffering. Joe helped us develop a very strong system that we have now implemented into our client’s businesses and everyone’s revenues have improved. We are officially paying it forward, while paying ourselves."

Bill Hemming
NR1 Distribution, LLC.

"We suffered with reaching our customers effectively because our online presence was lacking. We had a website, but clicking on pages of the menu would result in broken links and therefore we would miss out on many potential customers. Joe Rare helped us with redeveloping our site, even helping us with the ability to take orders online. Our acquisition of new customers has been fantastic and the next step for us is marketing with Joe."

Babita Dhillon
Taste Of India Restaurant

"It’s been a great experience working alongside Joe for the past few years. We are long time friends and his expertise has helped us shape our marketing strategies to improve revenues and boost the number of clients we work with year after year. We enjoy his energy and drive to help our business as if it was his own."

Patrick Nickel
Forest House Lodge


privacy We hate spam too and will never share your information.