Why I’m Keen On Facebook

Let’s face it, unless you’re living under a rock, the chances are pretty damn good that you’re on Facebook. The social platform has more users than some of the most populated countries and more active daily users than you can fathom.

So what, right? Well, not exactly if you’re a business. Guess where your clients are? Yep, they are reading their news feed and commenting on the latest trending topics that interest them. What does that mean to you? It’s time to take advantage of the most amazing business opportunity that has ever been presented to you.

And before I explain that, let’s agree on something here; privacy is dead. We can all agree on that right? Every website you visit is tracking you in some form, your phone is a tracking device that monitors your conversations even when you’re not on a call and the data is saved by cell companies, app companies and our very own GOVT is on us.

With the death of privacy came the most amazing marketing opportunities for businesses. Want to know what your client’s personal interests are? Want to know where they are spending their money? Want to know what they are shopping for?

Ooh, here is a huge one…want to know what your competitors are doing for advertising?

It’s all available at your fingertips, even on your mobile device. The insights available to generate highly targeted leads has never been more available than it is right now. I can already hear the complaints now, “but advertising on social media costs money.”

Well, if you had the opportunity to invest let’s say, $50 into an ad strategy to test it and that ad gave you $75 dollars in return, each and every time, would you do it? You bet your ass you would. Would you then want to push that ad, improve it a little and boost the return by 10%, 20% or even another 50%? Again, of course you would.

And this is exactly what I’m doing with Facebook advertising. I am able to advertise to ONLY the exact, laser-specific audiences that I choose and therefore, I get the most prime lead to my businesses every time.

Can you say that about print ads? Mailers? No, it isn’t possible because no magazine or billboard can guarantee that a prospect’s eyes will actually scan your specific ad and then remember to take action on it later. Why? Because they’re looking at their phone, their iPad and they aren’t looking at the billboard or junk mail that we all throw away.

Do yourself a favor, take a shot. If you’re spending money on advertising at all, become relevant, get the real attention of your prospects. And if you’re not advertising, then this is a very cost-effective way to begin. You will be shocked at the return on your investment if you do this right. I promise you that.

3 Strategies To Boost Business

If you were to take a serious look at your business right now, what would you see? I don't mean from your point of view, I mean from your client's vantage point?


What matters is the context with which your existing clients, your prospects and your past clients see in your company positioning.


In the goal of keeping this short-ish (that's a technical term), here are three strategies that will boost your business revenues for the long haul. Implement them correctly and you can create long term, sustained and the most advantageous part of all...predictable cash flow.


However, if you take your chances and don't utilize these strategies, you may end up like Blockbuster did. Remember that company that was the leader in video rentals? Yeah, they sat back and looked at Netflix who was positioning themselves right and said, "nah, we don't need to buy them for $40M."


Anyone visit a Blockbuster lately? Exactly, they're extinct. Don't do the same. Just because you may not understand or agree with how the strategies below are implemented, doesn't mean that your clients don't. In fact, I would bet heavily that they are all over this, so you should be too.


Here we go:

Be Relevant

What I mean is that your business needs to represent the era that you're doing business in. Today happens to be 2014, if you're website is a not: up-to-date, performing at optimum levels, using the high-level technology that is available, functional for your visitors, socially integrated and designed specifically to capture leads, prospects and sales....

Then you're 100% irrelevant. That is a sad truth, but today you get 8.4 seconds to "WOW" your visitor on your website and if they don't "feel it," they won't come back.

Again, this doesn't matter what type of business you operate, statistics show that over 87% of all people will cross-reference your business by searching you in google. What shows up can make or break you....be sure it's the making the future you want.

Give A Crap

I know that's blunt right? But there is nothing easier to generate new business, repeat sales and build amazing relationships with your clients than genuinely caring about them.

Think of this, how many businesses do you buy from that actually give a crap about you? I mean seriously give a flying hoot how your life is going, not just sending you a coupon?

We open our emails and it's all soliciting their stuff. "Come to this, buy this, we're having a sale, stop by...." on and on, every single day.

BUT...how many companies are actually giving you something of value that you can use? Very few I would imagine and I hope that my message offers you some.

My point is; get real, get raw and give your heart and soul to your peeps and they will love you now and forever. When they do, that means dollars will flow your way for a very long time. 

Ask For Help When You Need It

The truth is, you won't know everything or even 1/100th of what is available to you that can be used to connect with your clients. There are too many options, the game changes too often, so find resources of those who are good at it and ask for help.

Remember I mentioned that you may not agree or understand a specific platform or strategy, but your clients do? Understand your target market and where they spend their time.

An example is businesses that are not properly using Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. You may not understand or like the platforms, but the fact is, almost a billion people use Facebook. Guess what? You want new clients? I know exactly where they are.

By asking for help, you can learn how to engage with your ideal client on their terms, in their comfort zone and in their language. Talk about making sales easier, it's a no-brainer.


The above strategies are explained in a very broad manner to hopefully help many and because I love to create value, I'm offering to help you further understand, implement and create a plan to get you to that consistent and predictable cash flow.


Comment below or connect with me on Facebook (click here) or Twitter (click here) and ask any questions you may have. Your business is in your hands, so feel free to maximize it.



Do You Know This About Your Business?

What is main reason that the statistics are against you when starting a business? You’ve heard those right? Nine out of 10 businesses will fail in the first year and another nine out of 10 in the following five years.

I bet that just makes you so excited to start one right? You may be thinking or rethinking your decision to own your own business at this point.

I’m here as always, to cut to the chase and tell you what to do to remain in business and actually profit. Did you know that most businesses don’t have even three months worth of cash available? Did you know that is considered by evaluation, “a business in trouble that will soon be out of business?”

My approach is simple and you can execute this by simply knowing your numbers. A business owner MUST know these critical six factors to succeed. I don’t mean, go look them up each time, but rather, you must flatout know these instantly at any time. Here they are:

  1. Cash In - the cash flow coming in through revenues, partnerships, joint ventures, etc.
  2. Cash Out - the cash flow out for expenses, salaries, partnerships, etc.
  3. Cost To Acquire - the dollar amount it costs to acquire a new client.
  4. Initial Client Value - the first time purchase value of a new client. How much they will spend and be worth to the company.
  5. Lifetime Client Value - the overall lifetime purchase value of that client, including referrals.
  6. ROI - the return on investment for your advertising and marketing expenses.

If I were to ask you these questions and you don’t know the answer instantaneously, there is a high percentage chance you will be out of business before next year.

Your job as the business owner is to know these numbers, understand the strategies that are necessary to execute to improve them and grow your business.

It is time to sit down and evaluate your numbers. Get comfortable with them regardless of how they look at this point. Remember, the success of your business today is only a reflection of the actions you have taken up to this point. As we make changes and implement more effective strategic marketing and innovating, your business will transform and these silly, yet important numbers will be the past.

Most businesses are afraid, embarrassed or simply don’t know how to evaluate and use what the numbers tell. If you need help, please reach out to me. I am here to help you generate a more profitable company.

If you know anyone who can benefit from this post, please share it. Make sure to like my Facebook page and join the community. Let me know how I can help.


We Went For It…And Got It!

When I was a kid, actually more in my teens now that I think about it, I had enormous dreams. Not dreams of playing sports at a professional level, those were sort of realized as not exactly in the cards. Don’t get me wrong, I was an athlete and I had the opportunity to compete at the highest level of collegiate sports in the NCAA, but I was not pro caliber by any means.

When I say I had the opportunity to compete, I mean that I was a walk-on basketball player who made the team at the Division 1 level, but rode the pine for two years. As big as I dream, I am not opposed to living in my own reality.

My dreams were of being an entrepreneur and of growing wealth. I started young, worked hard and killed it. Then lost it, then killed it again becoming a millionaire by the age of 25, whelp…lost it again by 27 and that was a rough one. The dream was still there, it had mutated a bit and remained deep in my gut ready to explode.

One afternoon, I decided, “Fuck it, let’s actually do this.” I was talking to my buddy who I kicked ideas around with on a daily and almost hourly basis. Our new idea, let’s build a business that doesn’t require us to be in the country, that doesn’t require us to look at it or be present at all. We were talking about automation.

First off, is that even possible? Hell yes, check my past post on automation and see the details there. What I’m more interested in telling you about today is the mindset that shifted us from “idea” to “execution” and more importantly, to “cash flow.” You see in business, the only thing that really matters is cash. You can do amazing things for the planet, you can create massive value for your clients, but at the end of the day if it doesn’t turn into cash in your pocket, the you’re just a random Jgo for it-saidaonlineoe (insert pun) doing good deeds. That isn’t a business, that’s a hobby. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I honor hobbies that are strong in values and improve the lives of others and the planet, but we’re talking about business.

We literally said, “Fuck it, I’m sick of talking about this potentially amazing lifestyle we could live, it’s time to flat out do it.” Drawing that line in the sand, was the shift. We obsessed over this idea, we read books, we went to seminars, we joined organizations and shit, I even learned to write code.

We were all in and guess what happened, that’s right, a few months later we had our first sale and we were no where near the business. In fact, the business was virtual. The word decision literally means “to cut off from,” which remits any option to turn back.

How many times do you make a decision, yet don’t stick to it? For most people, that needs to be counted in the number of times per day, not lifetime. But…when you make a real decision, you feel it in your body, your mind and energy move into action and you become nearly obsessed.

I’m sitting here at 1:17am writing this because I am obsessed with my businesses. I love what I do, I love my automated companies that don’t require me at all, I love this consulting company and helping you all make more money. Each bring me so much energy and I hope you feel it.

I just wanted to share that little insight with you, maybe it’s worth 1/2 a penny, maybe not. All in all, our day dreams become our reality when we decide and act.

What are you dreaming about?


Purpose | Does Your Business Have One?

PurposeThe fact remains that when I ask new clients this question, “does your company have a purpose?” Or “what is the purpose of your business?” The answer I get starts very silently, then into a “hmmm…” which is sometimes followed by a stutter and a soft mission statement, but what nearly never is offered is an answer that makes their business stand out.

We have all heard of mission statements and in our social atmosphere someone asks, “what do you do?”

So, what do you do? How do you explain the purpose of your company? This actually was very difficult to me for a long time and it literally kept me up at night pondering what my answer should be. At the time I owned (still do) a weight loss company, actually to clarify accurately:

I own an automated internet-based business, with zero employees, which sells health products internationally. My company assists clients in losing weight, improving biochemical balance and creating more wealth in their health. I built the business system and now the company operates on its own.

What is the purpose of my business? Read more


When Your Site Sucks…So Do Your Sales


I have been working with my online companies for a while now, long enough to know that when I put up crap, it

doesn’t produce sales. And that my friends, is a fact.

I had a new client reach out to me today, named anonymous, but definitely received permission to tell her story. She wanted me to take a look at her website that was going to revolutionize her market. She is planning to be the biggest and baddest with the most amazing product ever. Her product is actually damn good by the way and in the near future she will be able to tell you about it personally.

I asked if I could see her site and evaluate the delivery her customers would see as they showed interest in her brand. I hit the website and couldn’t understand what it was all about. The design was “cute” to a slight degree, I mean I get what she was going for, however, the website looked like an amateur built it. I would never, under any circumstance trust putting my credit card in it to buy anything. You know that look right, it’s got a weird, Read more

Why Coaching Works Infographic

Hire A Coach – I Did

Why Coaching Works Infographic

In the midst of not knowing the hell I was doing, I started a business while in my last year of college. I basically landed some amazing marketing contracts for some products with some major big-time companies and I decided I should try to make it a real thing.

My education was in health and kinesiology, my original plan was to go into sports therapy. Needless to say, I didn’t know all that much about owning and operating a business, but in my gut it felt like my calling. “Time to figure this out, just not sure how,” was my initial thoughts. There are a lot of resources for free out there, tons of information on the internet, but what I wanted was someone to actually help me.

You know what I mean when I say, “I don’t want you to tell me what to go do, I want you to do it with me and help me execute.” Jim entered the picture and the offer was on the table. He ran a similar business to mine, had contracts with some of the same companies for different products and if I moved to Seattle, he would help me build my company as he had only nearly 8 years earlier. I was 23 at the time and adventure was my middle name, yep, I went.

In exchange for his guidance and consulting, Read more

Hire Or Outsource Directions On A Signpost

Employee-Less Businesses

Hire Or Outsource Directions On A Signpost

How on earth could a business operate in 19 countries, distribute products to 28 retailers in the U.S. and distribute direct to the consumer without a single employee? Some say I’m nuts, I just shake my head and say, “most likely, but it makes money.”

Let’s face it, employees are expensive in so many ways. From taxes and unemployment to worker’s compensation and now rises in health insurance costs, a business free of employees is a cash flow hack in and of itself.

Keyword here is going to be outsourcing. When a lot of people hear that word, they automatically think of utilizing overseas workers. While that is definitely possible to do and significantly less expensive, I am speaking particularly about hiring contract workers for each facet of your business operations. Do you really need your own bookkeeper that works within your company or can you find an independent one? Do you need a warehouse and shipping/fulfillment team in your company? How about administrative help, do you need to employ someone to sit in the front of your building and answer phones, file paperwork and make coffee?

To most of these questions, Read more


Business Is Not Built The Same


A fact remains that businesses are no longer built the same as they once were. My parents have thought I was crazy for living as a nomad and owning a company that I didn’t actually operate. What? How could that be? It doesn’t even make sense to most of the baby boomers who are now trying to retire and get out of the rat race they have spent their adult life in.

A company doesn’t have to be built in the same way it once was. We all have heard of the companies built by young college students and have turned into multi-billion dollar corporations that change the world. Those stories are so common, most of us all know quite a few of them.

Though, do we hear as much about the small businesses that don’t stir the attention and simply operate on scalesthat are foreign to most people?  I have run my companies from the top of a mountain and from the beach, the freedom to choose is what I love.  Read more